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Special Bundle deal 18

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Special Bundle Deal 18

2 x Red Arc Trooper exclusive $320.00
2 x carbonized paz vizla $360.00
2 x carbonized shore trooper $390.00
2 x carbonized scout trooper $390.00
1 x 50th death star droid $160.00
2 x palpatine throne room $450.00
1 x bad batch rex $272.00
1 x Obiwan Jabiim $200.00
1 x Teeka Jawa Obiwan Kenobi $270.00

Items are to be carefully inspected upon arrival and shipped with extreme care to be certain there is no damages or creases. This is a special order unique order. Items have different ETA's throughout 2022 and will ship as they arrive or together whichever is economically friendliest and easiest to ensure the safest delivery possible.

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