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G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. Haslab

Image of G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. Haslab

Gi Joe H.I.S.S. Tank:

Never before has an undertaking such as this occurred – our project is the first 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. vehicle for which everyone has been clamoring.

M.A.R.S. Industries Feature Innovations

Only my technological brilliance could possibly have engineered the state-of-the-art weapon accessories and design achievements offered by the G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. vehicle. It’s a modern update of the original classic Cobra armored terror. I have instructed the HasLab Marketing team to draft a comprehensive list of features that is readily digestible by even the most provincial layman:

Functioning wheels with moving treads: Rotating sprockets and wheels spin as the treads roll forward or backward.
Elaborately-detailed command cockpit interior: The Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver Action Figure sits buckled with a 5-point harness adorned with Cobra logo before an illuminated control panel. You can pose the figure operating the articulated joystick and throttle controls while targeting Joe combatants.
“Gull-wing” Canopy: The vehicle comes with features “gull wing” functioning doors with independent right and left sides that lift from center hinges allowing the Driver to enter from either side of the H.I.S.S.
Rear Cargo Bay: The rear personnel platform provides standing room for additional troops who can be posed holding the functional handrails. Below that is a retractable tow hitch on the rear of the vehicle. The center of the personnel platform flips up allowing the rear cargo door to drop. That reveals an illuminated troop transport cargo space. Inside is a jump seat and a weapon accessory storage rack.
Articulated turret with poseable cannon accessories: The 360-degree rotating turret includes control details and fits an additional G.I. Joe Classified Series Action Figure (sold separately). The Double “Diablo” Cannon accessories can swivel and elevate independently from one another.
Removable engine cover detail: Behind the cockpit sits the M.A.R.S.-developed HISS-CS22 propulsion unit detail beneath a removable cover. It connects to side exhaust port details.
Removable armor plating skirt: The Cobra H.I.S.S. comes with a removable armor plating skirt detail with reactive armor to provide extra protection for the road wheels
Extendable cockpit boarding ladders: Flip-down boarding ladders descend from each side of the H.I.S.S. granting the Driver easier access to the cockpit.

G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver 6-Inch Scale Action Figure

What H.I.S.S. would be complete without its Driver? This G.I. Joe Classified Series figure included in the base offering comes ready for action, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability along with 4 weapon accessories. It comes individually boxed with its own artwork and number in the G.I. Joe Classified Series sequence, and will only be available through this HasLab offering. Anyone like me who cannot abide incompleteness in their collections should be certain to back this campaign to ensure no glaring omissions on their shelves.

Multiple Classified Stretch Goal Unlocks

Beyond this mechanical marvel I have developed, Cobra Commander has tasked me with implementing several potential enhancements to the base offering of the G.I Joe Classified Series H.I.S.S. vehicle. Scrap Iron and I are devising upgrades to expand its destructive capabilities. But that is all dependent upon the whims of our financial backers. Should enough investors fund the campaign, we shall reveal those Classified offerings in due time.

8,000 backers to fully fund the campaign
10,000 backers to unlock Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #1 ✅
12,000 backers to unlock Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #2 ✅
14,000 backers to unlock Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #3 ✅
16,000 backers to unlock Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #4 ✅

Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #1 – UNLOCKED ✅
Two Removable Side-Mounted Missile Racks

Congratulations, citizens of Earth! You’ve passed the firsssst step in proving your devotion to me, Cobra Commander, by successssssfully funding our HasLab Cobra H.I.S.S. campaign and reaching 10,000 backerssss, thus unlocking the FIRST Classified Upgrade! The Double Diablo Cannon accessories on your standard H.I.S.S. are indeed formidable, but Destro and Sssscrap Iron have been cooking up plans that will enssssure the Joes demise! Your Cobra H.I.S.S. will now include two removable, side-mounted missile racks, which telescope out from the vehicle. Each rack holds 6 MALHISS missile accessories! The weapons accessory pack upgrade is a perfect addition to your H.I.S.S. fleet and is sure to wreak havoc with the forcessss of G.I. Joe. But keep those orders coming, my friendssss, and we’ll see what else Cobra Commander can unearth for you!

Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #2 - UNLOCKED ✅
Retro H.I.S.S. Canopy and Retro Armor-Plated Tread Skirts

Well done, faithful Cobra devotees! You just can't get enough of the Classssssfied Series, can you?! You've unlocked the next Classified Upgrade! I know ssssome of you "Real American Heroes" out there would prefer a retro insssspiration to your H.I.S.S. Well, Cobra Commander hasn't forgotten about you! Now, your backing of this project has earned you the H.I.S.S. Retro Pack! To display your H.I.S.S. closer to the classssssic 80s vehicle design, you'll get a swappable, single-piece canopy with a rear hinge that attaches to the cockpit, as well as removable retro armor-plating skirts inspired by the original 788 toy to go over your treadssss!

Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #3 - UNLOCKED ✅
Weapons Accessory Pack and H.I.S.S. Gunner Action Figure

Astonisssshing! No matter what I offer, you jusssst want more! "Cobra Commander", you say, "Sure, my H.I.S.S. vehicle has enough firepower to bring cowardly G.I. Joe to their knees, but can it make them 'vanish' entirely?"

To that I say...of COURSSSSE it can! You've unlocked the Classified Upgrade #3 - the Weapons Accessory Pack AND the H.I.S.S. Gunner action figure.

You'll get twin HISSINTEGRATOR CANNON accessssssories, which attach under the nose of the cockpit, and two HISSRUPTOR ZX-5 blaster accessories that attach to either side of the H.I.S.S. turret!

A weapon is nothing without someone to wield it. Pose your H.I.S.S. Gunner figure at the controls of the articulated turret or wielding their weapon accesssssories. Adding a Gunner figure gives you a full complement of troops to staff your H.I.S.S. vehicle, and offerssss even more ways to display your H.I.S.S. fleet.

Cobra H.I.S.S. Classified Upgrade #4 - UNLOCKED ✅
6-Inch Scale Retro Cardback Cobra Commander Action Figure

This G.I. Joe Classified HasLab campaign has been quite a roller coaster of a journey, hasn’t it, my faithful acolytessss? Every step of the way, you’ve surpasssssed all my expectations demolishing the initial offering and each unlock tier in record time. Your customizable H.I.S.S. now includes the base vehicle offering with H.I.S.S. Driver Action Figure, Early-Bird H.I.S.S. Tactician Action Figure, removable MALHISS Missile Racks, Retro canopy and tread covers, the newly-recruited H.I.S.S. Gunner Figure, the HISSINTEGRATOR CANNON, and two HISSRUPTOR ZX-5 BLASTER accessories. That’s cause for a celebration, and this year is the perfect time for a celebration in honor of me, COBRA COMMANDER!

2022 markssss my 40th Anniversary, and I want to commemorate that occasion with a trophy to my greatness. You've unlocked the Classified Upgrade #4 – a 6-Inch Scale Retro Cardback Cobra Commander Action Figure inspired by the rare missssprinted variant of my original 1982 “Real American Hero” figure release. Why Retro Cardback, you may ask? BECAUSE I’M the leader of this club. This figure is made for me! I want to be able to see my shining helmet through the blisssster pack and revel in my ressssplendent portrait.

Such a momentous depiction can’t posssssibly be slapped together with reussssed parts and pieces. I recently “sequesssstered” the HasLab team and insisted they create an all-new sculpt to capture me in all my 1980s glory. I’m certain it will inspire future statuessss and monuments throughout the world. My figure comes with 8 accessories including alternate hands, a backpack holster for my venom blaster accessory, and a miniature globe with my pet cobra. It’s a small world, but I will wrap my coils around it and squeeze it into total submission. Plus you can pose my figure astride the tail board at the rear of the H.I.S.S. as we roll on to victory!

So there you have it. A fully-loaded, and fully-staffed Cobra H.I.S.S. all for a measly $299.99 and a mere 16,000 backers. Let’s finish this HasLab campaign together, friends, and help Cobra put an end to G.I. Joe FOREVER!

Early-Bird Special Offering: Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician Action Figure inspired by Ron Rudat’s designs

The Baroness is fond of reminding me of that insipid platitude of the early bird getting the worm, but in this instance, it seems rather fitting. As a means of incentivizing backers to ensure the successful funding of the H.I.S.S. project early in the campaign, our HasLab partners have concocted their own devious schemes. If the project fully funds by reaching 8,000 backers within the first week of launch (before midnight on Wednesday July 6th), everyone who backs the H.I.S.S. HasLab project through the end of the campaign will receive an exclusive Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician figure with deco inspired by the designs of legendary G.I. Joe designer Ron Rudat – the very man who put me, Destro, in an iron mask. Backers will get to help choose the color-scheme inspiration for the final deco of the Tactician figure once the campaign ends. And remember, each figure included in the offering is exclusive to the HasLab, and will be individually boxed with its own artwork, and number in the G.I. Joe Classified Series sequence. Should the base offering of the campaign not fund within that window, the opportunity to acquire your own Tactician figure will be lost forever.